I move pixels and create digital stories!

Blending technology and creative direction.
Specialized in real-time content creation. 
Fusing together film, motion and digital design.


Revolutionary ways of bringing the live experience to audiences

From live event visuals to commercials & music videos – I posess a wide variety of technical post-production knowledge and valuable live events expertise.


                                             About me!    

Emer Värk - facescan

I'm a freelance visual artist mainly focusing on theater/performative art through video and visuals, touching boundaries of scenography, lighting design and video art.

In my work I mainly concentrate on the perception, mood and emotions of my mind. I have created and directed visual designs for various major forms of performing arts, intertwining film, video, different technologies and spaces.

In recent years, I have been looking for theater and production in general, looking for opportunities outside of video scenography.

I am always up for interesting proposals and collaborations. 


When Virtually
Meets Reality

Hi! I publish my works and slices of life. I appreciate if you follow me on social media. Share your impressions and leave comments ;)




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